Torch relay story 8,000 Holes now on Medium

Help Me Investigate’s ebook 8,000 Holes: How the Olympic Torch Relay Lost Its Way has been published on the longform writing site Medium. The story is Help Me Investigate’s first venture on the platform: you can follow the account here.

Hundreds of academics on zero hour contracts at midlands universities

Tweet Help Me Investigate’s Nicole Froio has been looking at the use of zero hour contracts in Midlands universities. She reports in the Birmingham Mail: “Almost one in five academic staff in the region – including lecturers, researchers and support … Continue reading

The £1m cost of policing the Northern Ireland Olympic torch relay

Help Me Investigate contributor Gesbeen Mohammad has written for Northern Ireland investigative site The Muckraker on the costs of policing the Olympic Torch Relay in the region. She writes: “The final bill for taxpayers came to £1,029,749 – £205,950 for … Continue reading

Help build an interagency map across the UK

As scores of citizens battle to keep food on the table, supporting agencies try to be effective while facing more pressure due to welfare cuts. But where are they based? From the Citizens Advice Bureau to the Trussell Trust what … Continue reading

Backs against the wall: How the bedroom tax is affecting communities

As insolvent welfare tenants stream through the Magistrates’ courts, citizens rally against the ‘bedroom tax’, using words, actions and songs. Tom Walker and HMI Welfare are gathering this together. How is your community affected by the bedroom tax? #bedroomtax @HMIW … Continue reading

Organising investigations: a guide to story-based inquiry

This year at the CIJ Summer School, Adjunct Professor, Mark Lee Hunter, explained how using hypotheses can frame and sell your story. A hypothesis is what the investigator wants to prove or disprove. It takes the best information you have into account and contains factual assertions that can be verified. How hypotheses frame and sell […]

LIVEBLOG: BBC Fusion Data Day 2013 #bbcdataday

We’ll be liveblogging from the BBC’s ‘Fusion Data Day’ from 10-3 today, embedded below and on Twitter @helpmeinvestig8

LIVEBLOG: CIJ Summer School

Abbey Hartley and Kristina Kashtanova will be liveblogging throughout the Centre for Investigative Journalism Summer School from Friday to Sunday. Follow her updates below:

Live coverage of the Centre for Investigative Journalism Summer School

Help Me Investigate have sent Abbey Hartley to cover the Centre for Investigative Journalism Summer School, which starts today from 9am. Speakers include former editor of Help Me Investigate Health, Alex Plough, the tax expert John Christensen; FOI specialists Paul Francis and Brendan Montague; and Andrew Jennings, the man behind investigations into the International Olympic Committee and FIFA […]

Get the data: all MPs in the UK