2012 February

VIDEO: Iain Overton on finding information outside of the official record

As part of a series of interviews for Help Me Investigate, the Bureau of Investigative Journalism's Iain Overton gives his tips on finding information through online and offline sources


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Communities campaigning against welfare changes [The Void]

UPDATE (March 1 2012): I’ve collected any feeds available from the blogs below into this bundle which you can follow on Google Reader. The feeds are also aggregated on the new Help Me Investigate Welfare Facebook page. More from the excellent blog The Void: this time a hugely comprehensive list of various communities that have […]

Can you do anything with schools performance data for Northern Ireland?

TweetKathryn Torney at TheDetail.tv has been using FOI requests to look into school performance in Northern Ireland. She’s agreed to share her data on Help Me Investigate Education – let us know if you use it for your own work … Continue reading

Sanctions, jobseekers, and protecting personal information – link

If you’re trying to unpick the intricacies of what should happen in a Jobcentre, or what rights jobseekers have, Consent and Welfare to Work(fare) Programmes is a good place to start. The site provides comprehensive guidance – with links to DWP and other government guidance documents – on a number of issues, particularly on withholding personal […]

Theme: Olympic games opening and closing ceremonies

The government doubled the budget of the Olympic games opening and closing ceremonies to £80million in December last year. The extra money comes from the £9.3billion Olympic public funding package to help the ceremonies to be more spectacular allowing for … Continue reading

Olympic Stadium following the games

With the most recent update from West Ham United being very positive about adopting the newly built Olympic Stadium it has opened the concern of whether the Olympic legacy will be maintained by the football club. Olympic legacy leader Sebastian … Continue reading

Data: Newham Council’s spending

The Council has incurred costs relating to the Bidding stage of £103,980.20. All of these costs will be included in the Stadium Company costs, and will therefore be recouped by the Council. (whatdotheyknow) Here are some of the incurred costs … Continue reading

Question: Have West Ham accepted defeat?

It has recently emerged that an architect linked with the Olympic games building projects has been the individual that has arguably ruined West Ham United’s chances of occupying the £468million Olympic Stadium following this years games. The architect is named … Continue reading

The Adjunct Project aims to promote transparency in higher ed

TweetA new U.S. website, The Adjunct Project, is looking for data on how adjunct, or contingent, faculty are treated at institutes of higher education. The best part about this is that anyone can submit data. There’s a fairly simple form … Continue reading

VIDEO: Iain Overton on the qualities needed for investigating

As part of a series of interviews for Help Me Investigate, the Bureau of Investigative Journalism's Iain Overton gives his tips on some of the personal qualities to develop as an investigator


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