2012 April

VIDEO: The role of repetitive work in investigation (Adrian Goldberg)

As part of a series of interviews for Help Me Investigate, Adrian Goldberg of 5 Live Investigates and Radio WM talks about how some investigations simply come down to doing the hard slog of a repetitive task – in this example, ringing …

University Governance deconstructed… then constructed again…

TweetIf something has a Wikipedia entry that’s difficult to understand, it’s bound to be an intricate, complex, and rarely explained subject. University governance is one of those subjects. Rarely looked into, examined or explained, (outside of academia at least) the … Continue reading

Fewer people investigating private contractors fraud, while benefit investigators increase

Here’s a good example of following the money to see exactly where the priorities lie on two kinds of ‘benefit fraud’: fraud by benefit claimants, and fraud by the companies who get the contracts to run welfare services. Rajeev Syal reports that the government has cut those people responsible for investigating fraud by private contractors […]

An introduction to university claims over student IP

TweetCross-posted by Anthony Williams from Student Intellectual Property Rights. The world of intellectual property can be murky at the best of times, but where universities can claim IP rights over the work of students, it is especially so. The University … Continue reading