2012 June

Get the data: Aggreko torchbearers

Last week we reported on the company where 4 out of 7 executive directors were carrying the Olympic torch. As part of our process of investigating the allocation of torchbearer places, we’re publishing the data behind that investigation. This is … Continue reading

Investigating a “toxic waste dump” school – Sheila Oliver

Tweet Sheila Oliver has been investigating the decision to build a school on contaminated land over at sheilaoliver.org/toxic-waste-dump-school-.html – the processes that should have been followed… “After much harranguing by local residents the Council grudgingly carried out contamination investigations. These were completely … Continue reading

Useful Olympic links for June 28th through June 29th

Here are the Olympic-related links we’ve been looking at over the last week from June 28th through June 29th: Why does the north remain so unimpressed by the Olympics? | UK news | guardian.co.uk – Analysing the results of the … Continue reading

Document: Government promised to pay for LOCOG’s losses – however big

Embedded above is a report from the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee on preparations for the Olympic and Paralymic Games. Some of the contents were covered (mainly on specialist blogs) when it was published in April, such as the … Continue reading

Community and charity: the alternative torch relays springing up across the UK

While LOCOG argues that sponsors are needed to support the Olympic torch relay, and councils struggle to meet the costs of hosting it, there’s a genuine Olympic spirit quietly at work in a series of grassroots alternatives across the country. From … Continue reading

Useful health links for June 20th to July 11th

Here are the health-related links that have caught our eyes between June 20th and July 11th: McKinsey’s unhealthy profits | Red Pepper- It has certainly offered to share information gained from its work on privatisation for the Department of Health … Continue reading

Pupil attendance – data and ideas

TweetKath Torney has been investigating pupil attendance in Northern Ireland. She explains: Figures on attendance rates for every primary, secondary and grammar school have been released to The Detail by the Department of Education (DENI) in response to a Freedom … Continue reading

Accrediting creationism? Help investigate

TweetEarlier this year, Naric, a UK government agency, recognised the International Certificate of Christian Education (ICCE) as comparable to Cambridge International A-Level standard. This is a travesty, and not just because of Creationism. ICCE is the certificate students get for completing the fundamentalist Accelerated … Continue reading

More on how we investigated Olympic sponsor torchbearers

I've written a piece for the Telegraph about the process behind our investigation on Help Me Investigate the Olympics. This expands on some of the details in a previous post for The Guardian, adding how the collaborative publishing proc…

Useful Olympic links for June 22nd through June 27th

Here are the Olympic-related links we’ve been looking at over the last week from June 22nd through June 27th: BBC’s Olympic rights under threat from new TV deal | Sport | The Guardian – total, $3.91bn was raised from TV … Continue reading