2014 March

Magazine: HMI Welfare’s week in #welfarereform

We’ve pulled together another 10 key stories from the last week into a Flipboard magazine. Let us know what you think – and if there are sources or stories we should be including.

15 mental health organisations to follow on Twitter

Shanice Abbott is investigating mental health and unemployment in the Midlands. In a cross-post from her own site, she recommends 15 organisations to follow on Twitter. You can support Shanice’s investigation on Contributoria here. Providing mental health care in Birmingham Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Foundation Trust is an organisation that provides mental health care […]

1 in 20 users of domestic abuse scheme affected by bedroom tax

Almost 1 in 20 households using the Sanctuary Scheme for people at risk of domestic violence have been affected by the removal of the spare room subsidy, reports Lorcan James. Figures obtained from FOI requests to 79 Local Authorities show that from 2009, 281 households have been affected, meaning an average loss of £14 pounds […]

The week in welfare reform – roundup

  Once again we’ve rounded up some of the key updates from @HMIwelfare over the last week into a Flipboard magazine. Stories include unfit royal housing benefit property, claims that food poverty is a bigger public health concern than diet, how the sale of small council homes condemned thousands to the bedroom tax, and an equality analysis of […]

In just 5 minutes you’ll know more about UK immigration than most of the public

In this post, originally published on Immigration and Services, Ajmeri Walele looks at the facts around immigration. Since 1945, immigration in the United Kingdom has increased, in particular from the Republic of Ireland, but also from former colonies of the British Empire such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, South Africa, Hong Kong and the Caribbean. The latest […]