Jennifer Jones

Tool: Self-Accredit with #media2012 to gain access to report on London 2012

Having trouble gaining access to accreditation to report on the London 2012 Olympic Games? You can self-accredition is now open with with #media2012, an independent newswire and social media centre for covering the Olympic Games. This follows the self-accreditation process … Continue reading

Theme: Worker Rights, Unions and the Development of the Olympic Site

There are a number of existing reports regarding worker’s rights during the process of developing the Olympic sites. Some of these reports are below. This might be something that also links to the Games Makers, the 70,000 strong voluntary forces … Continue reading

Data: Help me find the mis-information being spread at #socialympics

This morning a Social Media Week, London event looking at the social media around the Olympic games called “#socialympics” was stirring a lot of interest on twitter relating to discussions of big data, history of new media and mega events … Continue reading

Document: Host City Contract

The Olympic Games are awarded by the International Olympic Committee seven years before delivery after an intense bidding process between other candidate cities (something that I will be writing about further in the coming weeks). When the rights to host … Continue reading

Data: Local Profiles and Insight on Culture and Sport in England

Thanks to Tony Hirst for pointing that the Department of Culture, Media and Sport have some core data available on culture and sport in England. It is available national and regionally and ranges from investment, education, tourism, health and so … Continue reading