Council coverage in local newspapers – now there’s a spreadsheet to help you work it out

The investigation into How much local council coverage is there in your local newspaper? now has a handy spreadsheet, thanks to Chie Elliott.

The spreadsheet – available here – will calculate the percentage of any newspaper’s coverage that is based on monitoring the local council. 

Chie writes:

“I have set it up so that every time anyone edits anything I’ll be notified. If you accidentally delete anything, don’t panic. You can either go to Edit and click Undo or, if the error was more extensive, Go to File > Revision history and keep clicking “Older” until you get to the version you wanted. Then click OK.”

She also says she is happy to help if you have any questions or problems.

The investigation has so far looked at The Brighton Argus and Sussex Express, the Birmingham Post and Mail, and the Darlington and Stockton Times, while the Lancashire Evening Post is in progress.

If you can help by looking at any other paper – or inviting someone who could – please join the investigation.

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