HMI in 2012 – and 2013

Time for an update on what’s happening across the Help Me Investigate network – and if you want to join in.

Help Me Investigate Health has been very active. Alex Plough has been looking at CCGs: the new bodies which will control £60bn of health spending from April. To that end we’ve compiled a list of emails if you want to FOI those new bodies, as well as details on CCG websitesuseful Twitter accounts and news feeds to follow, and various other pieces of information. Thanks to Celia Seymour, Duarte Romero, Jason Cobb, Carl Plant, Tony Hirst and others for chipping in.

In March we’re also organising an event in Birmingham on reporting the new health system. If you want to come, let me know.

Help Me Investigate the Olympics continues to scrutinise the Olympic torch relay – Carol Miers and Juliet Ferguson have been digging into one particularly interesting question and we hope to have the results of that early in 2013. If you want to get involved, get in touch.

Congratulations to Ben Harrow of Help Me Investigate Education and Chie Elliott of Help Me Investigate Welfare, who both landed new jobs this year, Ben’s in particular as a direct result of work on HMI. 

As a result, both Help Me Investigate Education and Help Me Investigate Welfare are looking for new editors at the moment. The response so far has been great, but if you want to help people find out more about either of those fields, get in touch.

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