Data: Free Schools and disadvantaged children

SchoolDuggery has published some data on free school meals:

“We estimate that fewer than 400 children entitled to free school meals (FSM) are attending the first wave of free schools, according to data supplied under a Freedom of Information Act request by 23* of the 24 schools. The data shows that in these 23 schools just 9.4% of the 3811 children on roll were registered for free school meals in October 2011. Nationally, 16.7% of children are entitled to claim free school meals because their household income is below £16,000. ”

“*One school did not respond the FOI request within the statutory timescale: Kings Science Academy. We will update the data when they provide it.”

The tables are embedded on the blog post but can be easily pulled into a spreadsheet using the =importHTML formula. Here’s one we prepared earlier…

Lots of analysis over at the excellent SchoolDuggery, and some interesting and valuable comments too.

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