How To: Find out when the Department for Education will publish its next stats report

No matter what topic you’re investigating, data will almost always play a key role. The right statistical information can answer questions you didn’t even realize you had. So it helps to have a good grasp of the data.

A big part of this is keeping tabs on when important reports are coming out. The Department for Education, a great resource for official stats on education in the UK, routinely posts a calendar of when it plans to publish statistical reports in the next six months.

The schedule for Oct. 2011 to March 2012 can be accessed here. Below is a screenshot of statistical reports planned for this month.

Just a note: This list only states in which months publications are expected to be published. For more specific release dates, check either DfE’s Research and Statistics Gateway or the UK Statistics Authority Publication Hub. (Both are also good resources to access full copies of the reports.) Release dates are announced at least four weeks before the data is made public.

What are other good resources for finding out when important reports will be released?

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