Link: Now you need permission to protest at Birmingham University

Birmingham University has taken out an injunction against anyone occupying its campus in protest. The Guardian reports:

“[L]awyers went to the regional division of the high court two weeks ago and won an order banning “occupational protest action” upon “persons unknown” without prior permission.

“Birmingham’s actions follow a similar move by Sheffield University, which earlier this week agreed to drop its own high court order banning protests without prior permission on campus for a year, after its students’ union contested the claim.

“Lawyers acting for Birmingham students fear that the terms of the order granted by Judge David Grant on 25 November are broad enough to potentially criminalise any protest in which participants remain in any location for any period of time.

“Students have vowed to protest on campus in reaction to the order but if they are found to be breaking the injunction they could face fines, seizure of assets and imprisonment for contempt of court.”

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