HMI Education’s list of education reporters

What better way to stay informed on education issues than having access to a database of national and local education correspondents?

All the correspondents can be found here. There’s also a Google Reader bundle of those and other feeds here.

The list of correspondents varies from the Independent Education Editor, Richard Gardner, to Andrew Denholm covering Scottish education. It also includes Graeme Paton of the Telegraph, Julie Henry (Telegraph), Laura Clark (Mailonline) and Mike Baker (BBC) amongst others.

RSS feeds are available to all the correspondents and this is a great resource to use if you are to stay updated about different areas in education. For investigative purposes, this data sheet shortens the length of time you may spend trying to locate information on a specific issue.

Mike Baker is an education correspondent that l would recommend simply because of his in-depth style of reporting. Baker also provides detailed analysis on various issues to do with education on his blog which is another good way for you to gain insight.

Richard Garner, from The Independent, is another brilliant choice if you are looking to be regurlarly updated. Jessica Shepherd (Guardian) and Laura Clark (Mailonline) provide depth as they cover a range of topics in education from primary level to university.

If you do have your own personal favourite correspondents then simply add them to the database using the form below.

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