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Can you do anything with schools performance data for Northern Ireland?

TweetKathryn Torney at has been using FOI requests to look into school performance in Northern Ireland. She’s agreed to share her data on Help Me Investigate Education – let us know if you use it for your own work … Continue reading

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The Adjunct Project aims to promote transparency in higher ed

TweetA new U.S. website, The Adjunct Project, is looking for data on how adjunct, or contingent, faculty are treated at institutes of higher education. The best part about this is that anyone can submit data. There’s a fairly simple form … Continue reading

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Students are increasingly turning to prostitution to fund their studies – or are they?

TweetUPDATE (Feb 29 2012): The Telegraph reports on research that suggests “one in ten students know someone who works in sex trade”. The actual research is somewhat more specific: “A tenth of trainee doctors now claim to know someone who … Continue reading

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Data: BBC reveals locations of proposed new primary school academies

TweetBBC Radio 4’s The Report has done a nice bit of investigative journalism and revealed “the locations of 173 English primary schools the government wants to convert into academies.” Here’s the data The Report collected. The full report will air tonight, 16 February, … Continue reading

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Didn’t catch Gove’s answers to #AskGove? Read our Storify summary

TweetA few weeks ago, we blogged about how the Education Committee was soliciting questions from the public to ask Michael Gove via Twitter. Did you miss the actual committee meeting where Gove answered the questions? Well, there are a few … Continue reading

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Document: Conducting inspections of children’s homes

TweetOfsted have just published a guidance document on inspecting children’s homes, which should be of interest if you’re investigating, or planning to investigate, that area. Guidance documents like these can be key in demonstrating the difference between what people should … Continue reading

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Question: “Almost £1bn” spent on keeping students in university – where does it go?

TweetAs part of an investigation, one of my students came across a statistic from 2008 that mentioned spending on preventing students from dropping out of university: “A report by MPs on the powerful Commons public accounts committee [said] more than … Continue reading

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Data: EU education spending

TweetThe Guardian have compiled some useful data on EU spending, which includes spending on education. This is tucked away under the category of “Citizenship, freedom, security and justice” where education spending sits alongside asylum and culture. The full data is available … Continue reading

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Receive email or RSS alerts on education reports, consultations and links is a useful government website providing feeds and email alerts on a range of services – including education. The registration page for email alerts gives an indication of how narrowly or widely your free subscription can cover – from … Continue reading

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James Ball on how UCAS gather ‘deprivation’ stats on applications

TweetJames Ball has written an illuminating piece on the recent UCAS statistics and reports which suggested that applications from wealthy students had dropped much more than those from poorer students. He adds some important context on precisely which applicants the data … Continue reading

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