The Adjunct Project aims to promote transparency in higher ed

A new U.S. website, The Adjunct Project, is looking for data on how adjunct, or contingent, faculty are treated at institutes of higher education.

The best part about this is that anyone can submit data. There’s a fairly simple form to fill out and it looks like the information is then added to¬†this spreadsheet.

“Combining our knowledge and resources will help us all to better understand the reality of life as an adjunct professor,” reads the site. “The project is also designed to promote transparency in higher education employment practices for the sake of teachers, students, and parents.”

If you’re concerned about privacy, you can fill out the form anonymously. Already, dozens¬†hundreds of U.S. schools have been added.

If you look carefully at the spreadsheet, there is also a tab for schools outside the U.S. So far, only one school has been added to the U.K. section.

One thing I’d like to know is if, and how, the site verifies the information it receives. Perhaps the system works on an honor code but still, if I were to submit data, I’d like to know if it was automatically added to the spreadsheet or if someone looks over it first.

Is this something that interests you? Would you add a U.K. uni to the list?

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