Pupil attendance – data and ideas

Kath Torney has been investigating pupil attendance in Northern Ireland. She explains:

Figures on attendance rates for every primary, secondary and grammar school have been released to The Detail by the Department of Education (DENI) in response to a Freedom of Information request.

Detailed statistics for each of the 1,067 schools – which can be accessed in the interactive map above – show that attendance for tens of thousands of pupils dropped below the crucial level of 85% of all half school days.

This is the point at which pupils can be referred to the Education Welfare Service (EWS) which may then formally intervene with families.

More detail in the article, which also includes background on what schools are supposed to do when attendance falls below a certain level, as well as links to previous data on fines.

There’s also raw data on primary and post-primary attendance.

Can you do anything with this? Or want to look at the same issue elsewhere?

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