Worth investigating? “Student investment” and student accommodation

Investment in student housing “more than doubled” last year, according to a January report in the Telegraph:

“Investment is student accommodation has risen sharply over the past three years, during the worst financial crisis since the 1930s.

“The jump in investment in 2012 followed a 53pc increase in 2011, and 124pc in 2010.

“According to CBRE, student housing is strongly outperforming other property asset classes. Last year, it delivered total returns of 9.6pc for investors, compared with 4.4pc for all office properties and 2.2pc for all retail.”

Indeed, yields of “9-10%” are promised by one new development in Glasgow. One question for student investigators might be: with such high returns, which universities are themselves investing in this area – and what value for money do students get from both the private and public sector? Are there areas of the country that are particularly under-served (for example, London appears to be a big focus)?

More information can be found in this 2012 report (PDF) from specialists Savills UK¬†who have a six-strong ‘Student Investment and Development Team’.

If you want to investigate this, get in touch so we can put you in touch with others.

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