Help Me Investigate Education are looking for a new editor

We’re looking for a new editor to help run Help Me Investigate Education, as I have a new job following my work on the website.

Over the early months of this year we have explored education issues that have been at the forefront of political discussions, crunched figures, analysed data and dug into a complex sector.

We have:

Posts have included infographics, interactive graphs and visualisations which have helped to tell the full story.

If you’re interested in or concerned about education – and curious about using FOI and data to uncover hidden truths – then you could be well placed to lead the website.

We need someone who can innovate investigations alongside the community of journalists, researchers and concerned individuals that make up Help Me Investigate, whilst keeping them informed of interesting and important news about the world of education.

Whether it is part of your degree, a part-time project or simply a hobby, we want an educated, informed and passionate individual with a specific interest in education- particularly someone with a background in journalism or research.

While I have moved to a full time job in journalism I will still be around in the background to help members of the new team with posts, leads and ideas for the website.

Current members of the team include journalists from all backgrounds, data analysts, students, and people from a range of different professions.

If you’re interested in becoming involved with the website and helping to investigate the UK’s education system then email: 

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