Here are the people who contribute to HMI Education – we’re always looking for new contributors so if you want to get involved, get in touch.

Editor: Matt Burgess

Matt is the founder of FOI Directory with a particular insight into the use of Freedom of Information. He’s responsible for the overall direction of the site, supporting investigations and helping contributors.

Data Editor: Joanna Papageorgiou

Joanna has particular expertise in the higher education sector, and supports investigations in that area.

Curation Editor/Publisher: Paul Bradshaw

Paul is the founder of Help Me Investigate. He also publishes the Online Journalism Blog, and is the co-author of the Online Journalism Handbook and Magazine Editing (3rd edition). He is a visiting professor at City University London’s School of Journalism, and runs an MA in Online Journalism at Birmingham City University. In addition to his work linking to education reports around the web, he has a particular interest in Freedom of Information and data journalism.

Many thanks to previous Community Manager Elana Zak (now social media producer at WSJ) and Data Editor Ben Harrow (now Digital Executive at SWNS)

Positions vacant

We’re always looking for people to help fill the following roles on the site:

  • Curation editors – rounding up education moves around the web
  • Community managers – engaging with communities already looking at education issues
  • Data journalists – finding the data and the stories within it
  • Multimedia journalists – bringing investigations to life with interviews, maps

3 Responses to Who?

  1. Suchet says:

    Hi I’m writing to you regarding a story concerning someone I know who is a teacher at a secondary school – She took some sick leave – The sick note was accepted and she was paid for the sick leave until 2 months later the school and headmaster changed their minds about paying her and sent her a letter about a contract change which she had not discussed or agreed with the school.

    She approached the union who did not help her – they in fact delayed her and she approached the school headmaster again who refused to help her as it was his decision not to pay her – even though it was two months after he had accepted a sick-note and agreed that it was ok to take it.

    Also the school halved the pay of the person who had taken sick leave – her bank received only half the monthly salary for one month – and this was without prior warning or notification.

    Are the headmaster and school allowed to do this?

  2. yael orni says:

    Dear Madame/Sir,
    I was a student at Laban Dance Conservatoire in London for MA in the years 2006-2007.
    There were a lot of misconduct such as not giving 50 hours private sessions in the studio or not bringing an examener for the pratical exam show and showing her later the video or the general rehearsal and not of the show itself. There were a lot of other things wrong. Eventually, my final grade is B and this wasn’t enough to continue to PhD studies in universities in Israel, so the damage has grown.
    Can I sue them about these things and is it worth the effort?
    It takes me 9 years to pay the fee for the school. I’m still paying it and it actually froze my life.
    Kind Regards
    Yael Orni

  3. David says:


    I am an international student from South Africa, currently finishing a masters in the UK, I have a serious problem. Firstly the institute I currently study at changed the course (with out letting me know after I had paid in full). I was expecting to have have 11 modules which was reduced to only 4. What I was told does not match what I was given. (I have plenty of evidence) I feel lied too and my money money stolen. No one in the faculty seems to be qualified enough to to their jobs or deal with my future, I have not heard form my supervisor in over a month, and I have been kicked out of my Halls one month and a half before the hand in of my dissertation with zero support from the institution. What kind of university does this? I have lost to much money and am very desperate to take some action, but I have no idea where to look, any advice would be great, really depressed about the whole experience. There is so much more to say but it is to much.

    Kind Regards


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