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We are currently building teams in the areas of education, health, welfare, and the Olympics (which may evolve into a broader team on sport and arts). If you would like to help investigate those areas, get in touch using this form.

We are also building a directory of investigations taking place around the web. If you know of one that isn’t listed, please add it here.


  • I am an education, healthcare, media and travel news writer based in Boston, Massachusetts. I am keen to assist with any projects currently being assembled, and feel my subject matter expertise would be an asset to teams focusing on these areas.

    I look forward to contributing in any way I can.

    Many thanks,

    Dan Shewan

    Dan ShewanJune 5, 2012
  • Interested in investigating bullying and harassment in corporate civil service

    JoanJuly 24, 2012
  • I have launched a new service called JPMI Medical Investigators and Professional Patient Advocacy Service, designed to help NHS patients and their families unearth the facts when they feel unable to get help. It differs significantly from the more aggressive medical claims companies and free public services.

    Not all complaints to the NHS are motivated primarily by a financial claim and there seems to be no-one prepared to act on behalf of patients who are driven by the desire to find the truth, receive an explanation and an apology.

    I have also emailed Paul Bradshaw with a more comprehensive press release.

    Many thanks
    Julie Peters

    Julie PetersOctober 4, 2012
  • Its nothing big really i just thought someone might read this and be able to help me,Im now close to 40 i was taken into a childrens home in the nieghbouring town that i currently live in. At 14yrs old. social services,the n.h.s,that which we now refer to as mental health, has and is sistamatically and forcably creating poverty in my life. before anyone reading this wells up with anger re:what they belive is going on please consider the trillions upon trillions that the pharmicutical industrys bring in money that helps fund wars and such think of the invention of the drug ratalin, what prozac has and is doing. Ask yourself if there really is such a thing as adhd and please please take time( i am aware of critical psychatry but still although i may appear oldfashioned do not subscribe to it) i personally remain rooted in Anti-psychiatry for my own reasons. Please read the Anti-psychiatric writings,digest it ALL before making comments and assumptions and please consider i am currently bieng forcebly medicated should i at some point not be please also realise i will clearly need a great deal of time for my brain to recover/grow return to how it naturally should be after years of damage due to psycho-tropic drugging aptly refered to as medicating.
    I am struggling no end to gather information correct information about myself from various different places authoritys i have been in. i trully would like information ie: the first reasonings given for the first social work visit to my parents home address the exact details as to why he attended,also over the years i have due to my forced association with mental health persons i have been in and out of troubles (I AM CURRENTLY CONTRIBUTING )although the manipulitive manner in witch peoples of the era i grew up in ie the huge rise in childrens home admissions which continues today at an alarming increasing rate, the way that some peoples parents had thier own children offloaded onto social services., not just when i was younger historically and presently the amount of brainwashing of the general population that the children are the ones at fault that they are all B*stds ect in order to steer the blame away from social workers that still kidnap children with the assistance of the still corrupt police under such titles as duty of care ect ect with the lamest of excuses for doing so has both contributed to my troublesome illegal lifestyle. If thier are those out thier reading this that can relate to what i am typing alone in a scruffy disgusting former care in the community totalitarin supported house that i have somehow managed to be alowed to live independantly that is no longer having to put up with the glorified cleaners yet paid for in loneliness stress from the bad nieghboorhood activities all around and daily miserable stressed tired greying balding and generally disgustified, could you please reply with something usefull that may help me properly gather such info hopefully some persoan experienced in the proccess and as i am finding infuriatinglly ignorant and seemingly non informative task of applying through f,o,i for such data regards not at all some silver screened movie star or anything particully special aging tired as apposed to famous with so much as a slight head of hair or chisseled jawline rhys.

    Rhys Lee EardleyApril 17, 2013
    • Have you tried using a Subject Access Request under the Data Protection Act?

      paulbradshawApril 25, 2013
  • Looking for someone to investigate this disability discrimination case:

    KRMSeptember 24, 2013