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  • please be informed that the ‘about’ tab on your site gets me a 404-error. pls fix it?

    margo smitJune 5, 2012
    • Thanks. That’s very odd. The page exists, and is set to that URL. Will have a look.

      paulbradshawJune 7, 2012
    • Sorted. It was because there was another file on the same folder called ‘about’ (from the previous version of the site).

      paulbradshawJune 7, 2012
  • We are writing to you on behalf of Raymond a long-time resident of New Hope,MN. who was held for 7 mouths at the Hennepin County Jail in downtown Minneapolis. Then move St Peter Mental Health Center once again from let him have his right to a trial. To make a long story short, he has been held against his will, and has place him under civil commitment, since October 2009, and the primary arguments keeping him held are not accurate when an unbiased mind considers all of the lengthy and complex facts regarding his case. More often than not, when state psychologists study and evaluate Ray, they find him competent enough to stand trial, or at least to go home. Court appointed psychologists, with much less time to study and evaluate Ray, come to the conclusion that he is delusional and suffering from psychosis, partially due to persecutory circumstances. We who represent his family and friends, are asking that a third party come in to view to facts on this case because we believe that an severe lack of fairness and due process has been legally and circumstantially placed on this man since an original set of offenses occurred beginning fall of 2008. Ray’s finances have completely drained as a result of hiring more than a dozen attorneys which have not only worked against his wishes, but have actually worked to keep him in confinement, much, much longer than need be. It is under these circumstances that we are seeking additional help in ensuring that he receives fair due process as he navigates his legal and mental-health-status challenges.

    When coupled with quick, analysis by a therapist, or court appointed psychologist, it could be construed that Ray must be delusional about his situation, but as his story continues to remain constant from year to year. It becomes more apparent to family and friends that his presentation of the facts are being scuttled, and possibly purposefully so. Here are some of the facts behind what is keeping Ray confined and committed:

    1) It appears that a city prosecutor has been working against the Raymond’s primary residential location since the mid-to-late 1990’s it has been the city’s wish that a rectangular block of industrially zoned land fully redevelop to modern industrial buildings, however the 2 acre plot where his home and business (landscaping/contracting), including the the ’Raymond’s property, has been an issue. Law however dictates that in such cases, the rights of the existing landowner must be upheld, and in lieu of any successful attempts of eminent domain or mutually agreed purchase of the Raymond’s property; a conditional use permit was granted to the Raymond’s family so long as they preside at their current address. This is simply speculator reasoning as to the pervasive and persistent unfair treatment towards Ray. It is interesting to note that the other party, Joe , who claims to have owned the building located at 5207 Douglas Drive N. MN. hasn’t’ filed any legal suit against Ray.

    2) Inaccurate, diagnosis of psychosis and delusion partially based upon persecutory circumstances. It is difficult for Ray to property describe more than 20 years of persecution, stemming from two municipalities, the police, adjacent land owners, potentially inept attorneys, and a judicial system which seems unfairly stacked against him.

    3) This has blocked Ray from receiving his primary wish of a fair, timely jury trial, of an original set of circumstances to determine:

    A) Property ownership, specifically a warehouse which was located in Crystal, MN.

    B) The degree of guilt stemming from three felony charges which arose from incidents he is not denying, which occurred – October 21, 2008 through June, 2009.

    4) Incapacitated from earning income. Police, without proper warrants, have held the necessary pieces of equipment for Ray to resume business.

    5) Ray is unfairly accused of being a violent threat towards others when in fact he has no Historical or present record of threatening any particular individual or group of people.

    —> This accusation and correlating warrant lead to Ray’s unwittingly becoming tasered, which led a broken leg and expensive hip displacement of a very recently hip replacement surgery. Since the tasering, Ray has spent more than 2.5 years in Hennepin County Jail, St Peter Mental Health Center, and Anoka Regional Medical Treatment Center. MN, He is still being held in jail, even though one complainant (of the very few), in December of 2011, withdrew their statement that Ray was dangerous.

    6) Quantitative and qualitative debilitation of physical and mental health (though not a cause of any permanent incoherence). Currently, he has been jailed Hennepin county MN.for seven months, On 3/5/2012 Ray was ordered to under go a another evaluation even tow he had just completed a court evaluation three weeks prier that finding him once again competent with nobleman and disregard to those’s reports contained proceeding to be moved to a hospital to under go more evaluation which he never was moved test where done in two 20 min sessions where conduced in the jail to find him incompetent and was to immediately removed from jail to a health care facility a mouth gone by as he still remains in jail and denied proper medical and physical therapy care to assist with his hip-replacement, rehabilitation for being tasered, and from worsening case of edema.

    7) A myriad of judges, more than 15, have presided over this case, in addition to a myriad of social/case workers, and more than a dozen attorneys have represented Ray with little to no success regarding resolve of the original set of circumstances. Dates and times for court appearances and decisions have been delayed or canceled approximately twenty or more times since fall of 2008. Facts-all-together, is fair to see how Ray could feel and report to psychologists and other health and prison workers that the system is working against him or that possibly some type of collusion is going on. This does not mean that he is delusional.

    8) A federal lawsuit filed by Raymond against five police officers was mysteriously sidelined or even worse, duped into dismissal. 9) Currently the IRS is breathing down the family’s neck demanding that any potential assets of Ray be submitted for taxes that he could not pay since 1999. This could possibly reopen a federal case and hopefully coincide with a resuming or merging of the case of Raymond vs Five John Doe police officers (City of New Hope).

    10) In December of 2011, Raymond stood trial and was declared incompetent even though his attorney presented no arguments on his behalf. Worse yet, Ray’s son, and power of attorney, was present, and was not allowed to submit arguments or evidence to support Ray’s competence.

    11) An appeal was filed to fight the competency ruling and a decision It is our request that the decision be obstructed or reviewed should the judge’s decision come forth that Ray should be continued to be kept under civil commitment due to incompetency.

    12) From 2008 onward, two different suits have been filed by two different attorneys arguing the validity of Raymond’s belief that he did indeed own 0000 Douglas Drive N when he worked to demolish the property. He aimed to demolish the property when it became apparent that the intended buyer of the property deceived Ray into belief that the property was to be sold, when in reality his aim was to steal the building from Ray. It is convenient for both other party and the City of Crystal that these cases, questioning the validity of ownership be scuttled, but if there is truth behind these legal arguments, then it is extremely unjust and unfair for these cases to be left undecided. It is further, unethical and unjust that Raymond be kept isolated or behind bars for so long if it is murky at best as to whether or not he is permanently psychotic or delusional.

    We ask for your help in placing a pause or reversal order on any current judicial attempt to continue confinement and civil commitment of Raymond until he can obtain both better legal and forensic-psychological representation. If possible, we ask for consideration of relocating any of his continuing legal cases outside of Hennepin County. This would ensure that he receive better due process, including that of fair and timely legal proceedings, and fair-minded consideration of a jury trial to which he sincerely and coherently requests. Thank you in advance for any potential help and assistance that you may be able to bring to Raymond
    We have developed a time line of facts and events as we have best been able to create of Ray’s situation; upon request, additional documents are available to support most of the time line.

    Kind Regards,


    NATHAN KMETZJune 17, 2012
  • I am writing to request for help and assistance in invetigating into the contents in this link: The refusal by the Army to provide the requested information which is not a security risk to either their operations or the nation in general is hampering my efforts to seek and keep employment.

    Please, kindly respond to me as soon as you can.


    Yinka OyesanyaJanuary 5, 2013
    • If the investigation related to you, you could use the Data Protection Act to request all information held about you – this would include documents from the investigation.

      paulbradshawJanuary 8, 2013
  • Hello Paul,

    Just in case the organisation in charge of the Data Protection Act refuses to release this much needed information on me – like I have already encountered once before, any other advice on how I can still retrieve this much needed information?

    Yinka OyesanyaFebruary 5, 2013