Enforcement of Olympic marketing rights to pass to BOA

The London Olympics may have ended but the marketing rights are still in force – and will next year be enforced by the British Olympic Authority, according to Olympics minister Hugh Robertson.

In a written answer he said:

The responsibility to enforce the current marketing restrictions and protect the rights of Games Sponsors within the UK, transfers from the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG) to the British Olympic Association (BOA) and British Paralympic Association, in January 2013.

He added:

The BOA is continuing to work with the International Olympic Committee to develop a framework that allows suppliers to promote the work they undertook, balanced with the ability for sponsors to protect their rights of association with the Games. I will continue to monitor this to ensure British businesses can benefit as much as possible from their involvement in the Games.

Useful Olympic links for July 27th through July 29th

Here are the Olympic-related links we’ve been looking at over the last week from July 27th through July 29th:

  • New Statesman – The Olympic spirit? – Arrestees were later released with stringent bail conditions, including a ban from cycling in an entire London borough, Newham. Very little is written about how bail conditions are often used to essentially supress protest, but as Alastair, a cyclist present at the ride, summarised, "This is about taking a big chunk of potential activists out of the picture for the duration of the Olympics and using police bail to do it."
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Cyclists arrested as the 2012 Olympics opening ceremony takes place, where are they this morning?

The morning after a pro-cycling group were prevented from taking their monthly London route news comes in of clashes with the Police. The London Critical Mass group of approximately one hundred fifty cyclists broke through the police cordons, in place for the Olympic opening ceremony. Reports and images have come in of over one hundred arrests, including claims of a policeman pepper spraying a disabled man on a tricycle. Who was the pepper sprayed man? Follow the unfolding of events today.

[View the story “Critical mass, where are the cyclists this morning?” on Storify]

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  • The Olympic Torch and how to game an eBay auction | The Albert Memorial is still there – Looking at the actual bidders in the actual auctions for each individual torch, the auctions are set to either private (so the usernames of the bidders are hidden), or from bidders apparently new to eBay with low feedback scores or histories of buying other items. There is also no indication of a behaviour of bidders bidding for one torch, being outbid, and then moving on to a torch with lower current bids – all the bidders seem to be clustered around just the one torch their bidding is attached to. What this indicates to me is that actually most of the bidding on London 2012 Olympic torches is not genuine – that most of it is being carried out by sock puppets, false eBay identities created in order to artificially up the bidding of items in order to create the impression of higher demand and a high value.
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Useful Olympic links for July 19th through July 23rd

Here are the Olympic-related links we’ve been looking at over the last week from July 19th through July 23rd:

  • Police rapped for wasting time on Olympic protest calls | This is Cornwall – "I can confirm that 18 people were visited or spoken to in relation to the policing
    of the Olympic torch relay through Devon and Cornwall, in order to ensure that
    the force could support its obligations in relation to the facilitation of peaceful
    protest as well as the safety and security of the Olympic torch and bearers."
    After a positive response from Devon and Cornwall, the campaign group
    followed up by asking other forces if they had done likewise.
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