The £6.5m cost of policing the Olympic Torch – get the data

Policing the Olympic torch procession cost taxpayers almost £6.5m nationally, according to a series of Freedom of Information requests by HMI Olympics.

The spending includes the costs incurred to local police authorities throughout the UK for the 56 days the Olympic Torch went around the country.

The Metropolitan Police Service spent the most – not surprisingly as the torch spent a week in London and was perhaps the most obvious target for disruption.

Over a quarter of their spending – half a million – was spent on overtime for police and staff. The figure includes a £850,000 grant the Metropolitan Police Service received from the Home Office.

If grants are not taken into account the Police Service for Northern Ireland (PSNI) emerges as the top spender.

Help Me Investigate previously reported on spending by the body on the Northern Ireland investigative site The Muckraker.

According to their response the City of London Police did not incur any costs to police the Olympic torch procession because they incorporated any additional resources required within the existing policing strategies.

Kent Police also treated the event as “business as usual”.

Police and staff overtime form almost half the costs. However there were some curious items of spending, such as batteries and Dog Police Support Unit Kits for £4.

Mutual aid‘ – responsible for £690,000 of spending – is the sourcing of police officers from one force to another.

‘Other’ costs on the graph include figures that the authorities gave as general total or ‘other’ costs in FOI replies.

You can get the full data from the FOI requests on this Google spreadsheet – also reproduced in the table below.

Police force Type of cost Amount
North Wales Additional payments to officers/staff: overtime, overnight, national insurance, unsocial hour payments 22245.58
North Wales Subsistence 4415.31
North Wales Repair, Maintenance, and recovery of vecihles 5120.72
South Yorkshire Total 112842.24
Kent No costs 0
Essex Overtime 27469
Essex National Insurance 2582
Essex Operational expenditure 2911
Essex Travel costs 3172
Essex Accommodation 5188
Essex Overnight allowances & subsistence 436
Essex Contribution received from other forces -12544
Hertfordshire Overtime and planning 26000
Bedfordshire Police pay 175.8
Bedfordshire National Insurance 706.81
Bedfordshire Pension 92.1
Bedfordshire Allowances 300
Bedfordshire Overtime 7833.14
Bedfordshire Unsocial hours allowance 551.47
Bedfordshire Admin National Insurance 238.68
Bedfordshire Admin overtime 2998.93
Bedfordshire Mileage 456.15
Bedfordshire Car Parking 3.75
Bedfordshire Subsistence existence 489.45
Bedfordshire Hotel Accomodation 100.34
Warwickshire Total cost of policing 108300
Devon and Cornwall Police Officer Overtime 92128.05
Devon and Cornwall Police Staff Overtime 15888.13
Devon and Cornwall PCSO Overtime 122.1
Devon and Cornwall Police Bank Holiday Overtime 280.02
Devon and Cornwall Cleaning Contract General Cleaning & Chemicals 150.66
Devon and Cornwall Rents and Service Charges and Hire Premises 44
Devon and Cornwall Hire Of Vehicles 11346.85
Devon and Cornwall Bus/Taxi/Ferry/Toll & Congestion 38.1
Devon and Cornwall Rail & Air Fares 205.8
Devon and Cornwall Equipment & Furniture Purchase & Maintenance 72
Devon and Cornwall Reprographics Recharges 2526.48
Devon and Cornwall Stationery 48.97
Devon and Cornwall External Training 122.4
Devon and Cornwall Computer-Software Maintenance and Support 5934.96
Devon and Cornwall Subsistence & Overnight Allowances 460
Devon and Cornwall Hotel Accommodation 16435.51
Devon and Cornwall Meal Claims 1957.6
Devon and Cornwall All Other Catering Requirements 6836.49
Devon and Cornwall Miscellaneous Income -117.4
Devon and Cornwall Capita Development Services 508.4
Metropolitan Police Overtime 170000
Metropolitan Police Home office fund -170000
Metropolitan Police Paralympic overtime 25000
Metropolitan Police Home office fund -25000
Metropolitan Police Overtime 370000
Metropolitan Police Accommodation/catering 456000
Metropolitan Police Sundry expenses 4000
Metropolitan Police Home office fund -830000
Gwent Home Office Grant-mutual Aid -651449
Norfolk Officer Overtime 22314
Norfolk Staff Overtime 828
Norfolk Hire of Premises 383
Norfolk Transport Costs 19944
Norfolk Maps 576
Norfolk Catering 12230
Norfolk Printing & Stationery 3007
Norfolk Overnight Accommodation 2255
Norfolk Regional Costs 11887
Merseyside Total costs 3407.96
Thames Valley Olympic Torch Relay-Overtime 37728
Thames Valley Paralympics Torch Relay- Overtime 6252
Dorset “Officer Overtime
Dorset PCSO Overtime 58.38
Dorset Staff National Insurance 41.82
Dorset Staff Overtime 302.95
Dorset Conference & Seminar Fees 30
Dorset Public Transport 10
Dorset Books & Publications 21.16
Dorset Food issues 135
Dorset Hotel Accommodation 2391.15
Dorset Subsistence 4867.51
Nottinghamshire Police officer pay 18654
Nottinghamshire Police officer overtime 7640
Nottinghamshire Police Staff pay 229
Nottinghamshire Police Staff overtime 310
Nottinghamshire Transport Costs 2144
Nottinghamshire Hotels & subsistence 5902
Nottinghamshire Other 862
Norfolk Officer Overtime 22314
Norfolk Staff Overtime 828
Norfolk Hire of Premises 383
Norfolk Transport Costs 19944
Norfolk Maps 576
Norfolk Catering 12230
Norfolk Printing & Stationery 3007
Norfolk Overnight Accommodation 2255
Norfolk Regional Costs 11887
PSNI Other 43211
PSNI Overtime 986538
South Wales Direct Employee Costs 4519.39
South Wales Normal overtime 30535.14
South Wales staff pensions 83.96
South Wales transport: vehicle hire 147.56
South Wales transport: employee costs 923.55
South Wales Equpment and furniture 1095.96
South Wales Catering 10376.97
South Wales Clothing and laundry 182.49
South Wales Consumables 1029.8
South Wales Medical Services 5.06
South Wales expenses 23329.99
Suffolk Police Overtime 17828
Suffolk Staff Basic Pay 133
Suffolk Staff Overtime 417
Suffolk Vehicle / Travel Expenses 5523
Suffolk Other Non Op Equipment 600
Suffolk Batteries 3
Suffolk Stationery 35
Suffolk Professional Fees 375
Suffolk IT Services & Support 515
Suffolk Subsistence / Refreshments 1384
Suffolk Regional Costs 1187
Suffolk Meeting Rom Hire 216
Greater Manchester Overtime incurred by Salford 1543
Greater Manchester Specialist Operations 2819
North Yorkshire Olympic Torch Relay – Regional Gross Pay and Allowances 65
North Yorkshire OTR- Apportionment of regional specialisms 181
North Yorkshire Safer Neighbourhood Resource gross pay and allowances 68
North Yorkshire SNR miscallenous costs 6
North Yorkshire Olympic and Paralympics’ Games – Mutual Aid Pay 286
North Yorkshire Mutual Aid overtime 111
North Yorkshire Mutual Aid Overnight/Hardship Allowances 102
North Yorkshire Mutual Aid Travel and Subsistence 14
North Yorkshire Street to Suite Summer Provision 128
North Yorkshire Long Batons – Police Support Units 16
North Yorkshire Dog Police Support Unit Kits 4
North Yorkshire Additional miscellaneous costs 14
North Yorkshire Counter Terrorism Exercise 9
North Yorkshire Home Office -665
North Yorkshire Metropolitan Police Service -10
Surrey Overtime 7000
Cumbria Overtime 5237.9
Cumbria Vecihle Hire 417.5
Cumbria Operational Support 3849.71
Cumbria Printing 735.69
Durham Police – Overtime Reactionary 27682
Durham Police Staff – Overtime 1637.38
Durham Operational Catering 2396.4
Durham Catering Hospitality 101.2
Durham Subsistence – Police & Other Staff 1603.86
Durham Room hire 350
Northumbria Overtime – Officer & Staff 32922
Northumbria Transport and other costs 16772
Lancashire Police Officer Costs 18690
Lancashire Police Staff Costs 1652
Lancashire Transport Costs 112
Lancashire Catering Costs 5576
Lancashire Mutual Aid 3850
Cheshire Total staffing costs 8842.25
Cheshire Hire vehicles 125.34
Cheshire Subsistence 125
Gloucestershire Officer overtime and allowances 6001
Gloucestershire Staff overtime 1296
Gloucestershire Travel, accommodation and subsistence 11045
Gloucestershire Other costs 10956
Lincolnshire total 27000
West Midlands Employee costs 25100
West Midlands supplies and services 2800
West Midlands Transport, Travel & Accommodation 9800
West Midlands training 400
Derbyshire Police overtime 13786.9
Derbyshire Hire of Vehicles 391.8
Derbyshire Other Mileage (PSV) 79.02
Derbyshire Equipment – General 1737
Derbyshire Subsistence Expenses 53.44
Derbyshire Catering Contract Subsistence 308.88
Cambridgeshire Overtime 33250
Cambridgeshire Other Allowances 1900
Cambridgeshire Travel and Subsistence 6191
Cambridgeshire Supplies and services 14097
Cambridgeshire Income from regional forces 8810
Avon and Somerset Police Officer Overtime 1007.94
Avon and Somerset Police Staff Overtime 71.16
Avon and Somerset Catering 3888.91
Avon and Somerset Hospitality 93
Avon and Somerset Subsistence 331.17
Avon and Somerset Hire Car 1927
Avon and Somerset Equipment 470.75
Avon and Somerset Printing 140
Avon and Somerset Accomodation 2132.4
Hampshire Overtime 39785
West Mercia Overtime 12237
Dyfed-Powys Direct Staff Costs 16166.19
Dyfed-Powys Indirect Staff Costs 33
Dyfed-Powys Transport Related Costs 963.71
Dyfed-Powys Supplies and Services 478.38
Dyfed-Powys Expenses Payments 2066.55
Dyfed-Powys Miscellaneous Payments 4.1
Sussex Overtime and allowances 38988
Sussex paid to Hampshire Police for Specialist Officers supporting the Torch Relay through Sussex 5318
Sussex Other 10769
Cleveland Overtime 10898
Cleveland Travel Costs 2973
Wiltshire Overtime 2546.45
Humberside Staffing 46389.85
Humberside Travel, Hotel/ Accommodation & Subsistence Costs 16414.62
Humberside “Helicopter Usage
Costs” 38248.66
Humberside Other 7568.58
Strathclyde Staff 105059.52
Strathclyde Resources 50284.8
Strathclyde Accomodation 3700
Strathclyde Subsistence 4529.4
Strathclyde OTR Evening event 5579.84
Strathclyde Conventional Deployment 19548.96
Strathclyde Transport 6720
Strathclyde Overtime 74926.16
Strathclyde Scottish Government Recovered -162464.87
Strathclyde PSNI recovered -17520.81
Staffordshire OFFICER REST DAY O/TIME 2820
Staffordshire UNSOCIAL HOURS 18
Staffordshire AWAY FROM HOME 50
Staffordshire OFFICER N.I. OVERTIME 995
Staffordshire STAFF N.I. OVERTIME 360
Staffordshire GENERAL VEHICLE HIRE 812
Staffordshire PETROL & OIL 109
Staffordshire STATIONERY 12
Staffordshire PAPER 114
Staffordshire CATERING CONTRACT 1651
Staffordshire MUTUAL AID 156
London, City of ALL 0
Northern Overtime 53741
Northern Total Operational costs including accommodation 33882
Lothian & Borders Overtime 26780
Lothian & Borders Expenditure 4767
Fife Planning for the Event 36782
Fife Route Run Through 1728
Fife PSU Cover at Event 14818
Fife Officer Cover at Event 42378
Tayside Accommodation 5062
Tayside Subsistence 1869
Tayside OTR Evening Event 19074
Tayside Conventional 55323
Tayside Deployment Scottish Security 11301
Tayside Team Transport Costs 371
Dumfries and Galloway Accommodation 5177.88
Dumfries and Galloway Hire Vehicles 106.19
Dumfries and Galloway Cones 603
Dumfries and Galloway Refreshments 1542.94
Dumfries and Galloway Equipment 88.14
Dumfries and Galloway Overtime 3905
West Yorkshire Officer Overtime 17809
West Yorkshire Police staff overtime 7258
West Yorkshire Accommodation 21098
West Yorkshire Travel and Subs 5293
West Yorkshire Helicopter costs 34160
West Yorkshire Additional Airwave capacity 16894
West Yorkshire Staff Planning costs 47399
West Yorkshire Other Costs 4864
Northamptonshire Total 12478
Grampian Overtime 25118.96
Grampian Accommodation and other 32036
Warwickshire HOME OFFICE GRANT -12000
Warwickshire THIRD PARTY GRANT -1851
Warwickshire SUPPORT STAFF SALARIES 30608.28
Warwickshire SUPPORT STAFF N I 2762.54
Warwickshire SUPPORT STAFF PENSION 1913.52
Warwickshire SUPPORT STAFF OVERTIME 3380.84
Warwickshire SUPPORT STAFF STANDBY 28.26
Warwickshire PC N I 2434.11
Warwickshire PC PLANNED OVERTIME 18981.8
Warwickshire PC CASUAL OVERTIME 963.78
Warwickshire PC REST DAY 5+ DAYS OT 7249.5
Warwickshire SERGEANT N I 731.91
Warwickshire SGT REST DAY 5+ DAYS OT 2139.84
Warwickshire UNSOCIAL HOURS N.I. 65.29
Warwickshire TRAINING COURSES 60
Warwickshire VEHICLE HIRE 3596.42
Warwickshire RAIL/PLANE FARE 189
Warwickshire CASUAL USER MILEAGE 3119.17
Warwickshire CAR PARK FEES AND TOLL 171.75
Warwickshire EQUIPMENT – RADIO 2306.87
Warwickshire MEDICAL EQUIPMENT 49.5
Warwickshire CATERING – EXTERNAL 6753.61
Warwickshire PROTECTIVE CLOTHING 629.99
Warwickshire POLICE OFFICER UNIFORMS 2951.63
Warwickshire PRINTING 3641
Warwickshire PUBLICATIONS 3352
Warwickshire INSURANCE FUND 300
Warwickshire COMPUTER CONSUMABLES 207.84
Warwickshire SOFTWARE PURCHASES 2355.67
Warwickshire POSTAGE AND CARRIAGE 14.5
Warwickshire TELEPHONES – MOBILES – PAGERS 361.9
Warwickshire ACCOMMODATION 125
Warwickshire MEMBERS TRAVELLING 46.9
Central Overtime 11664
Leicestershire Police Officer Overtime 50746
Leicestershire Police Staff Overtime 3869
Leicestershire Mileage 457
Leicestershire Subsistence 25047
Leicestershire Mutual Aid 5061
Leicestershire Hotel Accommodation 642
Leicestershire Transport 15645
Leicestershire Toilet Hire 1550
Leicestershire Printing & Stationery 613
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