Theme: Worker Rights, Unions and the Development of the Olympic Site

There are a number of existing reports regarding worker’s rights during the process of developing the Olympic sites. Some of these reports are below.

This might be something that also links to the Games Makers, the 70,000 strong voluntary forces who are essential for the running of the games. What does it mean for such a large workforce are asked to work for free?

From 2011:

 “…The co-worker was dismissed from the Olympic Media Centre being built by Skanska and Carillion after his name appeared on a blacklist of trade union members, many of whom were targeted for their health and safety activities. After Morris raised concerns about this illegal practice, he says he was victimised, bullied and threatened with violence by senior management to the point that he had to call the police for his own protection before finally being dismissed.” 

Available here:

“Around 50 supporters of sacked electrician and RMT member Frank Morris gathered at one of the main gates of the vast Olympic site near Stratford in East London.

Frank was sacked after raising concern about a co-worker who was dismissed for his name appearing on a blacklist of trade union members.

Protesters blocked traffic attempting to enter the site by walking backwards and forwards across a pedestrian crossing carrying banners.

Hundreds of construction workers on the site were leafleted on their way into work with a campaign leaflet condemning blacklisting.”

Available here

Game’s Monitor’ on  Blacklisting

Construction blacklist companies not to be prosecuted:


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