The 21% of torchbearer places that were allocated outside of public campaigns: 8,000 Holes Part 4

In the fourth part of a serialisation of Help Me Investigate’s first ebook – 8,000 Holes: How the 2012 Olympic Torch Relay Lost its Way we look at what happened to the thousands of torchbearer places that were allocated outside of public … Continue reading

Infographic: Where did the Olympic torch relay places go? What we know

An allocation of how the 8,000 Olympic torchbearer places were allocated has found that just 71% were allocated through the four main public campaigns. The figure – published in the ebook 8,000 Holes – casts doubt on the promise by organisers LOCOG that 90% … Continue reading

The story so far – a Telegraph guest post

The following is cross-posted from the Telegraph’s new Olympics data blog: How many stories can a set of data hold? When it comes to Olympic torchbearer data, after three weeks I’m still counting. From company bosses exchanging ‘torch kisses’ and … Continue reading

Daily Mail pick up our torchbearer photo story

The photo and story we published last week on the ‘torch kiss’ of two retail bosses has been picked up by the Daily Mail. The newspaper combines the story with one previously reported in This Is Staffordshire (but not credited): … Continue reading

Photo: the ‘torch kiss’ of two retail bosses

This appears to be the moment two retail executives exchanged an olympic ‘torch kiss’ on Wednesday as they carried the Olympic torch through Staffordshire. As revealed previously by Help Me Investigate Olympics, and now reported in The Independent, Daily Mail … Continue reading

Independent picks up corporate torchbearer story

A week after Help Me Investigate the Olympics first revealed how sponsors were choosing executives and partners to carry the Olympic torch, The Independent has picked up the story. Tom Peck contrasts promises made by Sebastian Coe and Boris Johnson … Continue reading

Company bosses were chosen to carry the Olympic torch, admits adidas

Adidas have admitted that the general manager of sports clothing retailer Intersport and the Group Product Director for Next are among a number of people carrying the torch on behalf of the company for working “in the business of sport … Continue reading

Adidas’s torchbearers share a common story

If adidas’s own representatives are any indication, the way to get your hands on the Olympic torch in 2012 is to be “engaged in the business of sport for a number of years”. An analysis of nomination stories on the … Continue reading