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5 ways to find Twitter accounts covering the welfare field (or any other)

We’ve been compiling a list of people on Twitter to follow on welfare-related issues. Here’s how we did it: (If you need to know how to create a Twitter list, see Twitter’s guide) 1. Search Twitter biographies only The quickest way to kick off your Twitter list is to search Twitter biographies for users who […]

Tip: finding leads in university council minutes

TweetThe minutes of meetings at public institutions are an often-overlooked source of possible story ideas and leads. Local authorities and hospitals regularly have their board meetings scrutinised by reporters – but university council meetings are less closely followed. Many universities … Continue reading

Making the most of WhatDoTheyKnow

The Independent recently got a great story from citizen FOI website about MPs running tabs in the bars at parliament. It just goes to show what a great resource is. If you haven’t used it yet, have a … Continue reading

3 useful searches for finding out about school management

TweetHere are three simple uses of advanced search techniques that can help you find out more about how a school is run: “Senior management team” will look for pages that mention the exact phrase “senior management team” on school … Continue reading