Destroying the Myth: Kayleigh Garthwaite’s tips for welfare bloggers

Kayleigh Garthwaite is a Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Department of Geography at Durham University – and the author of the eye-opening blog post The ‘scrounger’ myth is causing real suffering to many in society, In this Q&A Kayleigh gives her tips on blogging about benefits and talks further about the myths surrounding welfare. What advice would […]

A growing gap to meet children’s service needs – interview with Cafcass

Would we complain if councils spent £0.5m to avert another ‘Baby P’? Would we say that children’s services left our roads with pot holes if funding had to be taken from other budgets, like maintenance or roads? These are the … Continue reading

LOCOG loses track of Binstead’s Wheelz

Binstead and Martin, London Mini Marathon.  Jack Binstead (U14) and Collette Martin (U17) in the Wheelchairs Mini Marathon on 17 April 2011. Taken from Birdcage Walk by Snappa. For the book 8,000 Holes: How the 2012 Olympic Torch Relay Lost … Continue reading

Full interview: how alternative torch relay Real Relay was organised

Earlier this month we wrote about the alternative torch relays springing up around the country. As part of that we interviewed Kate Treleaven of Real Relay – here’s that interview in full. The costs of organising the relay were pretty minimal … Continue reading