Uncovered McKinsey report challenged ‘free at point of delivery’ pledge

A report prepared by consultants McKinsey suggests politicians may need to “challenge the principle that the NHS is free at the point of delivery” in order to fund healthcare. The report explores a number of options based on abandoning that … Continue reading

Hospital blunders investigated by Melanie Hall

Help Me Investigate user Melanie Hall has been using Freedom of Information requests to look at ‘hospital blunders’: serious untoward incidents (SUIs) and ‘never events’. She reports: “Surgeons operating on the wrong side of the body, swabs left inside patients after … Continue reading

What’s your local CCG doing? A quick guide

Philip John is one of the users of Help Me Investigate looking at his local clinical commissioning group (CCG), for which there isn’t much information (there isn’t even a website). Here’s why: CCGs are being authorised in four waves, which … Continue reading

20 places to keep up to date on clinical commissioning and CCGs

For our latest investigation into clinical commissioning (help still needed!) we’ve put together a starting list of 20 feeds to follow developments surrounding Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) – and we’ve put them together into one convenient bundle which you can follow … Continue reading

Volunteers needed! scrutinising CCGs

This year a collection of new groups will be given responsibility for £60bn of public health spending in England: Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs). With over 200 of these groups and very few health journalists in the UK there’s an opportunity for student … Continue reading