Tip: finding leads in university council minutes

TweetThe minutes of meetings at public institutions are an often-overlooked source of possible story ideas and leads. Local authorities and hospitals regularly have their board meetings scrutinised by reporters – but university council meetings are less closely followed. Many universities … Continue reading

MPs debate issues surrounding student visas in House of Commons

Members of Parliament are today debating controversial issues surrounding student visas and the inclusion of students in migration targets set by the government. See below for a Twitter commentary of the debate. Continue reading

Imperial College London pulls auction of unpaid internship following student opposition

Tweet Imperial College London has pulled an unpaid internship which was up for auction at one of the country’s most expensive private schools.  Westminster School, which charges in excess of £7,000 per term, is running an online auction for internships … Continue reading

Worth investigating? “Student investment” and student accommodation

TweetInvestment in student housing “more than doubled” last year, according to a January report in the Telegraph: “Investment is student accommodation has risen sharply over the past three years, during the worst financial crisis since the 1930s. “The jump in … Continue reading