Health regulator Monitor – get the data: organogram and staff pay

The health regulator Monitor has published data on its structure, including posts, pay scales, and an organogram (PDF) (shown above). The data is particularly useful if you are trying to trace responsibility within the organisation. If you find the data useful, … Continue reading

Money and power: two developments to follow this year

Two events that HMI Health followers should be aware of – one about money, and the other about power.  Public health budgets The money is in public health budgets, which are being transferred from Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) within the NHS to … Continue reading

Useful health links for January 9th to January 17th

Here are the health-related links that have caught our eyes between January 9th and January 17th: Regulator chastises managers forcing GP practices to prepare for CQC registration | News Article | Pulse Today – In a move to reassure GPs … Continue reading

Useful education links for November 4th through January 2nd

Tweet These are the education links we found interesting between November 4th and January 2nd: £3.2 MILLION library fines bill for forgetful Midland students – Birmingham Mail – Times Higher Education – Public-backed funding to private college students shoots up … Continue reading