Magazine: HMI Welfare’s week in #welfarereform

We’ve pulled together another 10 key stories from the last week into a Flipboard magazine. Let us know what you think – and if there are sources or stories we should be including.

The week in welfare reform – roundup

  Once again we’ve rounded up some of the key updates from @HMIwelfare over the last week into a Flipboard magazine. Stories include unfit royal housing benefit property, claims that food poverty is a bigger public health concern than diet, how the sale of small council homes condemned thousands to the bedroom tax, and an equality analysis of […]

The week in #welfarereform according to @HMIwelfare

We’ve rounded up 10 key welfare stories from the past week and put them in a Flipboard magazine. Click on the image below to enjoy – and scroll down to move from page to page. You can find a longer list of recent coverage on our Pinboard bookmarks. If you think we’ve missed anything, let us […]