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How to: find out about pupil place shortages in local schools

TweetIn some places of the UK primary school pupils are expected to rise by up to a fifth in the next few years, with new funding announced this week to help local authorities cope with the rise. But if you … Continue reading

Mapped: how many children got their chosen school in London

TweetWe’ve mapped the number of children in each London Borough who did not get any of their chosen schools. While only 2.4% in the UK as a whole did not receive places at any of their preferred schools, the figures are much … Continue reading

Providing school places – who’s responsible, who does what

TweetA recent report (PDF) from the National Audit Office on funding for new school places includes some useful background detail on how the school system works. In particular, a diagram (shown below) on who’s responsible for what provides a useful at-a-glance … Continue reading