How to investigate the welfare system

This site is designed to help those who want to investigate questions related to the welfare system. You can start an investigation yourself and let us know about it at, join one of the investigations being pursued by members of Help Me Investigate Welfare, or just help get involved by posting useful links (we’ll help point you in their direction).

The categories of this blog are intended to make it easier for you to find useful resources. They are currently:

Some other resources you may find useful include:

The following videos from the main Help Me Investigate blog provide some general guidance on starting and focusing an investigation:

3 thoughts on “How to investigate the welfare system”

  1. With your help I calculated that some 4.9 billion is spent on Employment benefits, less than 5% of total spending on benefits, but only some 111, million are spent on payments to recipients. That leaves some 4.7 billion to pay for Jobcentres and all the new “private sector” jobs being created by companies delivering training and back-to-work schemes. Did I get my math wrong, or is something wrong here?

    1. Do you have a spreadsheet where you did the calculations? I could then answer the question – it would also be good to share that.

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