How to investigate the Olympic Games

How to investigate the Olympic Games

If you want to investigate something related to Olympic Games, this site is designed to help. You can start an investigation yourself and let us know about it at or, join one of the investigations being pursued by members of Help Me Investigate Olympics, or just help get involved by posting useful links (we’ll help point you in their direction).

The categories of this blog are intended to make it easier for you to find useful resources.

Some other resources you may find useful include:

Jennifer Jones explains Citizen Media and #media2012 for the Media Trust (on why alternative stories matter)

…And the following videos from the main Help Me Investigate blog provide some general guidance on starting and focusing an investigation:

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2 thoughts on “How to investigate the Olympic Games

  1. Jozef Botanský is another Polish Unknown Torch Runner In Faversham Kent.

    No info on him either

    Thought that this was Harry Bryant photo on website (but the BBC South-East Video and comentary proves that this young guy was not Harry but Jozef).
    Very annoying to have an unknown polish kid running through Faversham. Took my 80year old Mum to see the torch !

    • That’s a very odd one – he’s never been listed on the official torchbearer website, and the only search result on that exact name is the BBC commentary on the relay. There were 26 Polish torchbearers from Samsung – 8 celebrities and 18, most from nominations through Facebook, but he’s not mentioned there either.

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