How can I get involved?

There are a number of ways you can get involved in any of the Help Me Investigate sites:

  • Do you know – or want to know – about useful resources, such as data, key documents, or links to relevant regulations and guidance? Let us know about them, or get in touch for ideas on where to start.
  • You can contribute links to relevant stories, communities or background.
  • You can add tips from your own experience of investigating or working in the health service.
  • Or you can offer your support to people who are already investigating something – gaining experience and making useful contacts in the process.

If you think you can do any of the above please leave a comment, email or find me on Twitter @paulbradshaw

3 thoughts on “How can I get involved?

  1. I chair a hospital group and lobby for health in northern ireland, have extensive research and knowledge but need help cant do it all , need more eyes and ears

  2. Hi Paul

    I am working with a dental surgeon in Birmingham who would like to investigate oral hygiene in the West Midlands, which has been reported to be the worst in the region in a recent study by Colgate. He would also like to know if children are receiving proper advice, that will help them in later life. He is offering free hygiene packs, but has further ideas to help improve the region and community in the form of educational books and interactive workshops in schools.

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