Document: guidance on the use of torch relay marks and imagery

We’ve acquired a copy of guidance given to local authorities hosting the Olympic torch relay (embedded above).

As previously reported, local authorities have had to bear heavy costs for hosting the torch relay, with some saying they have had no support from the organisers LOCOG, who are also responsible for selling bunting to the same local authorities.

The most notable part of the document that we’ve found is the guidance that events raising money for charity cannot reference the Olympic torch relay:

“Local authorities are permitted to reference the London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay in the promotion of these events, subject to the following: … The event is not-for-profit and does not seek to raise funds, either for the local authority or any other third party, including charitable organisations”

The document also explains why some councils had to drop plans to fund their legs of the relay through sponsorship, spending tens of thousands of pounds extra in public money as a result. The guidance says:

“The event must be entirely non-commercial, that is, no charge is made for entry, there are no commercial sponsors of the event, and no commercial concessions or commercial promotional activities take place at them.”

Can you find anything else – or do you have other documents that might help people investigate the Olympic torch relay?

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