Get the data: Coca Cola’s US torchbearers for “health, community, environment”

23 of the places that Coca Cola allocated through public nomination went to these US citizens through the Live Positively campaign. As part of our investigation into how places were allocated, we’ve re-presented the data in a more usable format.

The Live Positively site provides nutritional information on Coca Cola products to medical professionals, including information for patients on low-calorie sweeteners (PDF).

Torchbearers listed on the site were nominated because they fulfilled the following criteria:

  • Healthy, Active Living: Do they inspire others to live positively by staying active, making smart choices, and encouraging others to live healthy, active lifestyles?
  • Community: Do they strive to make a positive difference in communities near and far?
  • Environment: Are they active in recycling, sustainability or conservation programs that help the planet?

A press release for the nomination process for 10 “Exceptional Teens” as part of the group asks nominees to “submit an essay that expresses, in 150 words or less, why the teen nominee is a champion of living positively.” (Further rules for that process can be found here)

It’s not clear how the other 13 torchbearers were nominated. Can you help find out?

UPDATE: An article on one torchbearer provides some detail:

The Coca-Cola Co., a major Olympic sponsor, selected Gruenbacher — who studied at the University of Kansas Medical Center — as an official Olympic torch bearer. Coke called the American Academy of Family Physicians in Leawood for nominations. After writing an essay along with nominees from other states, Gruenbacher — secretary of the Kansas Association of Family Physicians — earned the honor.

One of the older torchbearers already has a strong connection with the drinks company. Dr Steven Blair is leading a study into obesity in the US, funded by a 3 year $2.5m grant from Coca Cola.

Another torchbearer, William Zoghbi, is president of the American College of Cardiology (ACC). Coca Cola are sponsors of the ACC’s CardioSmart initiative.

Here’s the data:

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