Isle of Wight Olympic torchbearer mystery picked up by Ventnor Blog

The mystery of story-less Olympic torchbearer Aslan Khabliev has been picked up by Isle of Wight news site Ventnor Blog.

The site reports that although Khabliev – who is likely to be this director of Sky Media among other things – was originally-listed as taking part in the Newport leg of the torch relay.

But the mystery torchbearer has now vanished from the Newport section and now can’t be found on this London2012 site.

The site reports:

“the Newport section has had two names appear since the original list appeared – Luda Khablieva and Jonathan Eggett.

Jonathan is a 40 year old from Eastleigh who has raised considerable amount of money for charities over the years, as his fully detailed profile tells us.

“Luda? Well we can tell you nothing in detail about Luda beyond him/her being 57 and from Pully, Luasanne, which is located in Switzerland. Beyond that, his/her profile is completely blank.”

Readers of the blog then traced a Liudmilla Khablieva connected to the same company. One wrote:

“Try taking a look at Universal Media Corporation/Sky Media UK Ltd.

The trade mark search engine for Khablieva Liudmilla shows that name attached to UMC.”

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