Tool: Self-Accredit with #media2012 to gain access to report on London 2012

Having trouble gaining access to accreditation to report on the London 2012 Olympic Games? You can self-accredition is now open with with #media2012, an independent newswire and social media centre for covering the Olympic Games.

This follows the self-accreditation process in Vancouver 2010, where over 300 people used True North Media House passes to gain access to communities, institutions and stories around the Winter Olympics, #media2012 encourages journalists, media producers and citizen journalists to sign up to report on all aspects of the Olympic Games across the country. Find out who is working in your area here.

From the #media2012 website:

#media2012 operates a self accrediting process. To create your own accreditation, you have three choices.

  1. I LIKE A CHALLENGE: If you have access to some creative design software, then you can download the PDF file. You can then add your photograph digitally, along with your details on the reverse, print out, fold and laminate. If you want to make it more professional, just send the edited graphic to a design shop and you can get a good job done for around £5.
  2. KEEP IT SIMPLE: If you do not have access to design software or are not confident, then we have a template laid out in Microsoft Powerpoint. All you need to do is open the file – you can also open it in Open Office – then insert your name and details into the text fields. You can then print out and add a physical photograph in the appropriate place. Once you’ve done this, you can also go to have it laminated at a shop for peanuts.
  3. THE IDIOT’S GUIDE: If you don’t even want to print and you are lucky enough to have received a print edition of the #media2012 Charter, you will find a cut-out card copy on the rear cover.

Note: don’t skip on the lamination. This will get battered about during Games time and the more professional it looks, the more useful it will be.

The templates:


Microsoft Powerpoint / Open Office

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