Useful Olympic links for July 18th through July 19th

Here are the Olympic-related links we’ve been looking at over the last week from July 18th through July 19th:

  • The Olympic Police’s War on Graffiti | VICE – I asked one of the officers if it had something to do with the Olympics, because I'd noticed that a lot of the street art around the capital had been removed recently. It's all suddenly being cleaned off in the past few weeks, even stuff that no one had been bothered by for years. The officer didn't confirm that my arrest was to do with the Olympics, but he smiled. My partner asked another officer if it was to do with the Olympics, and he said it was.

    It's ironic that they would arrest me of all people while trying to stop people painting graffiti during the Olympics – Graffiti Kings was actually approached by Team GB to paint part of the Athlete’s Village, and ITN news had us paint some art work on a black taxi for use in a programme where they interview people about the Olympics.

  • London 2012 Olympics: McDonald’s ‘the wrong choice’ for athletes, says Team GB sport science head – Telegraph – “We have got to educate people so they make the right choices,” he said. “How many times do you walk into a sport centre and see the food offering and think ‘this is wrong’. How can you have such food and vending machines near a sport facility? “They are making the right choice by going to exercise and then you cannot make the right choice when it comes to food after exercising. I think it is something that will require policy.”
  • Olympic flame policing numbers – a Freedom of Information request to Northumbria Police – WhatDoTheyKnow – Specifically in relation to your request Northumbria Police are
    considering the exemption as set out in the following parts of the Act:

    Section 31(1)(a)(b) – Law Enforcement
    Section 38(1)(a)(b) – Health & Safety

    I can now advise you that the new date for the provision of the
    information is 13 August 2012. I can assure that every effort will be
    made to ensure that a response will be provided to you within this new

  • Photographer in Olympic torch photo bust-up | Photography news – Camera news, photo news and photography events | Amateur Photographer – Green – an amateur who has sold images for publication – said he was standing in a public place on the quayside when he decided to take photos of the mayor and torchbearer who were accompanied by an ‘official photographer'.

    The retired architect said he had missed the chance to take photos earlier in the day due to the ‘crowd crush'.

    ‘My ambition turned into a nightmare,' Green told Amateur Photographer (AP). ‘The mayor saw me, and angrily approached saying I could not take photographs of her as it "would spoil her image"', and then demanded I delete any that I had ; taken.'

  • HTC’s Chou named Olympic torchbearer – Taipei Times – Peter Chou (周永明), chief executive officer of Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC Corp (宏達電), has been named as one of the torchbearers for the London Olympic Games, the company announced yesterday.
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