Useful Olympic links for July 31st through August 19th

Here are the Olympic-related links we’ve been looking at over the last week from July 31st through August 19th:

  • Olympics ? Breton Flags Confiscated – However Breton visitors to the games had their Breton flags confiscated by Olympic security, which outraged one supporter and reported on ABP News. Thierry Le Sommer said: ?Ils m'ont obligé, très fermement, à relâcher le drapeau et à le ranger. Ils ont prévenu la police et ont tenté de me sortir manu militari du stade Finalement, à force de palabres j'ai pu assister à la fin du match. Nous étions surveillés en permanence.? (?They forced me very firmly to release the flag. Ils ont prévenu la police et ont tenté de me sortir manu militari du stade They alerted the police and tried to get me to leave? Finally, I was able to attend the match. Nous étions surveillés en permanence. We were continuously monitored.» a déclaré Thierry Le Sommer.) Source : Copyright ©
  • Cost Of Olympic Torch Procession – a Freedom of Information request to Peterborough City Council – WhatDoTheyKnow – Seems to largely duck the actual costs question
  • London 2012 Olympics: Sexism row over ‘BMWs for the boys’ – Telegraph – A spokesman for BMW said almost 70 women received cars, including three who have achieved medals this summer: the track cyclist Laura Trott, the boxer Nicola Adams and swimmer Rebecca Adlington. Male rowers who received the BMW deals include silver medallists Zac Purchase and Mark Hunter and bronze medallists James Foad, Greg Searle and Mohamed Sbihi. Others were Matt Wells, who made the final but achieved no medal, Marcus Bateman, a spare for the team, Dan Ritchie, who was not selected, as well as reigning Paralympics champion Tom Aggar.
  • Cultural Olympiad – ‘Artists taking the Lead’ Yorkshire III – a Freedom of Information request to Arts Council of England – WhatDoTheyKnow – "You should be aware that the criteria for panel selection state
    that panel members cannot be employed by, or be a Board member,
    director or shareholder of any applicant organisation, or any
    organisation that will be a major partner in any submission to
    Artists taking the lead."
  • Mass arrests outside London’s Olympic opening ceremony: an eye-witness account | openDemocracy – The behaviour of the police that night confirmed for anyone present or watching that something terrifying and sad has happened to this country. It has become illegal to disobey. No matter the scale of the disobedience, it is crushed by overwhelming numbers of militarised police. Just last week, 6 members of the Greenwash Gold campaign were arrested on Trafalgar Square for pouring green custard over their own heads! Furthermore, the use of bail conditions, injunctions and ASBOS, to impose restrictions on our freedom to move, assemble and express our views amounts to the kind of political policing that people are quite happy to denounce when it happens in North Korea or Iran. Where is the mainstream dissent here? Of 182 arrested, only four were charged with a criminal offence, but everyone has these bail conditions.
  • London Olympics 2012: where does the money come from – and where’s it being spent? | Sport | – How much is being spent on the Olympics – and where is it coming from? As the games get underway, we untangle the data from the rumours
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