Useful Olympic links for October 4th through January 28th

Olympic news roundup for 11:06:

  • Contractors’ Olympic marketing ban lifted | News | Construction News – A ban on Olympic contractors promoting their involvement in the construction of the London 2012 infrastructure will be lifted this month, allowing firms to promote their involvement in the Olympics when bidding for work.
  • Olympic Games ‘failed to inspire’ – UK News – News – Birmingham Post – The Olympic Games inspired fewer than one-in-five people to take part in more sport, according to a new poll.The survey also found that just 16% of women and 10% of those aged over 55 were inspired to participate in more sporting activities by London 2012.

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  • Grassroots clubs say government is endangering London 2012 legacy – Of those surveyed, weighted to give a representative sample of the 150,000 sports clubs across the UK, one in five said the government had done nothing to help community sport create an Olympic legacy and more than half (54%) said the government had done “a little”. When asked what the government could be doing to help community sport about half of the respondents referred to either school sport or issues with facilities. Two-thirds said they had not felt any benefit from London hosting the Olympic and Paralympic Games.
  • ACE keeps digging – The first stage of the application made by Leeds Canvas to the ATTL competition was in an expression of interest made by Wieke Eringa, Artistic Director of Yorkshire Dance, and ACE has now told AP: “…at this stage of the process there were in fact no public sector bodies involved in the Leeds Canvas bid.” But AP has seen minutes of meetings at Leeds City Council that directly contradict the ACE statement, revealing that it knew of Leeds City Council’s involvement from the start, and that Catherine Blanshard, the Chief Officer, Libraries, Arts and Heritage at the Council who was then Chair of its Cultural Olympiad task group, was tasked with “sounding out” ACE Yorkshire on “the likely reception to a Leeds bid” to ATTL in 2009. The subsequent Leeds Canvas bid was jointly drafted by Wieke Eringa and Andrew Macgill, who was then Head of Arts & Events at Leeds City Council.
  • Hickey & Nuzman get an offer they can’t refuse | – Legendary footballer Romario, now a Socialist Deputy, called today for IOC officials Patrick Hickey and Carlos Nuzman to be invited to Brasilia for questioning by a Congressional committee about ticket deals for the Rio 2016 Olympics. Congressman Romario also wants to ask Mr Hickey about allegations that bribes have been paid by cities bidding to host the Olympics
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