Data: Newham Council’s spending

The Council has incurred costs relating to the Bidding stage of £103,980.20. All of these costs will be included in the Stadium Company costs, and will therefore be recouped by the Council. (whatdotheyknow) Here are some of the incurred costs to date that was requested by Mike Law:

The Council has paid £38,447.50 for financial due diligence and LBN advice on the Stadium Company Business Plan development, and committed for costs of up to another £12,725 of advice as part of the Process. This advice has been provided by KPMG.

Our legal costs already incurred will be up to £50,000. This advice has been provided by Trowers and Hamlin.

Property Advice – We have paid £9,720 for property related advice on the stadium project. This advice has been provided by Property Consultancy Limited.

Internal promotional and printing Costs have amounted to £3,524.37.

LBN hospitality costs of £233.33 have been incurred towards a House of Commons event on the stadium proposals.

£300 transport costs have been incurred.

All of these figures are what the council has paid out to help West Ham in their bid to occupy the Olympic Stadium following the games this year.

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