Olympic torchbearer investigation picked up by Guardian

Guardian cover HMI's olympic torchbearer investigation

The Guardian have now published their story on the corporate torchbearers, following a tip-off last week from Help Me Investigate the Olympics. James Ball writes:

“More than 1,200 spaces were allocated to the International Olympic Committee, the British Olympics Association, and to staff working for Games sponsors – whose picks included company directors, Russian newspaper editors, and even an official at the US’s Food and Drug Administration.”

The article generously credits HMI Olympics and adds further details, including responses from sponsors Coca Cola who say:

“[A small number of our allocation has been given to] our campaign ambassadors who have helped to find our Future Flames.”

And the organisers of London 2012:

“The same torchbearer selection criteria applied across the whole relay – ie personal bests and/or contribution to the community.”

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One thought on “Olympic torchbearer investigation picked up by Guardian

  1. Again and again we are coming across information which shows that the Olympics is a gravy train for commerce and has very little to do with sport.
    How many gongs and knighthoods will go to those who are supporting this charade.

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