Twitter’s UK general manager nominated to carry Olympic torch by IOC {updated}

Twitter's Tony Wang Olympic Torchbearer tweet

UPDATE: A spokesperson for Twitter says:

“I’m not sure why the nomination paragraph on Tony isn’t on the site. That’s probably a question for LOCOG. Tony wasn’t nominated by a company, he was asked by the IOC to represent Twitter and its role in bringing athletes and fans closer together.”

The general manager of Twitter in the UK got to carry the torch today – and, naturally, tweeted about it too.

It’s not clear why he carried the torch, as Wang not only doesn’t have a nomination story – he is not even listed on the official torch relay website.

Twitter recently announced a partnership with NBCUniversal to “serve as a hub for digital communications” about the Games. Last month the social network closed a satirical account following a request from Locog.

We are awaiting a response from Twitter with more details on the reasons for Tony’s nomination.

Samsung, Locog and the IOC have all invited journalists and media executives to carry torches this year.

H/t Lyra McKee

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