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  1. Andrew Evans


    My name is Andy, I am an 18 year old college student from Birmingham, I have set up my own graphic illustration company ( Gingerbread Graphics ) over a year ago and have been working to build up a reputation, my ethos is trying to bring art it into the publics everyday life through a brand people can relate to. I post youtube videos bring people into the life I lead as I create my work.

    Through my hard work I have already achieved things some graphic designers don’t in their whole careers. For example I have completed two projects for the comedian James Corden. After speaking with him he allowed me to create 2 separate cover photos for his Facebook page.

    I was wondering whether you would consider me to be someone of interest you would wish to interview? I believe I am worthy of public interest due to my achievements so far in my chosen field. Please let me know whether this is something you can take forward.

    James Corden and other work I have completed can been seen on my online portfolio ( http://www.gingerbreadgraphics.com) . In addition, I document my work with video diaries on youtube ( http://www.youtube.com/AndyEvans4 )

    My next project is a gallery exhibition called ” A wolf in sheep’s clothing” the details of which can be found on this link ( http://www.solihullartscomplex.co.uk/Arts/A-wolf-in-sheeps-clothing-exhibition-by-Andy-Evans/3898 ) which will be my own gallery set up and advertised by myself. Advertisement will include a huge banner in the middle of Solihull shopping centre, an art busking performance 2 days before my event swell as a few other things.

    Kind regards


    Andy Evans
    Gingerbread Graphics
    07891 644 052
    Facebook Page:


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