Do you want to help investigate the education system?

We’re looking for a new editor to help run Help Me Investigate Education, as I have found a job as a result of my work on the site!

If you’re interested in or concerned about education – and curious about using FOI and data to uncover hidden truths – then you could do some real damage steering the ship that is Help Me Investigate Education.

We’ve looked at the cost to higher education institutions of student non-completions, using HEFCE data.

We’ve looked at the opportunities available to those with severe special needs in the UK, using OFSTED reports and SEN statistics.

We need someone who can innovate investigations alongside the community of journalists, researchers and concerned individuals that make up Help Me Investigate, whilst keeping them informed of interesting and important news about the world of education.

Whether it be part of your degree, a part-time project or simply a hobby, we want an educated, informed and passionate individual with a specific interest in education- particularly someone with a background in journalism or research.

The team, and the community, will provide the network of support and contacts to help you, in skills, ideas and in the investigations themselves.

If you’re interested, email

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  2. Eleeza Ezra Jones says:


    I’m a writer and public speaker on Autism & relationships and I’d like to contribute to your research on education, as long as the findings benefit or influence in some way a much needed change, i.e. in particular in how schools could – but do not – massively contribute in better preparing people on the autistic spectrum for the adult life through a small change in delivery of education and especially, support, not to mention a more positive attitude.

    I have studied for BA in Media & Comms at UCE and have had a few articles published (Birmingham Post, The Guardian, Independent, e.t.c…)

    If I can be useful, I wanna be. Do let me know.

    (studied at UCE under different name, Paul Bradshaw is my HERO !! Top bloke ! great teacher ! has a heart in the right place)

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