20 places to keep up to date on clinical commissioning and CCGs

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For our latest investigation into clinical commissioning (help still needed!) we’ve put together a starting list of 20 feeds to follow developments surrounding Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) – and we’ve put them together into one convenient bundle which you can follow with one click here (Google account needed). Can you suggest others?

Here they are:

  1. Clinical commissioning groups | Department of Health – the DoH has a feed dedicated to CCGs here
  2. GP Online: GP Commissioning – articles from GP Online magazine specifically relating to commissioning
  3. Forums: “clinical commissioning” – any mention of the phrase on the forums search engine Boardreader is picked up by this feed
  4. GPonline Blogs – a collection of blog feeds associated with GP Online (they use Yahoo! Pipes to bring them together, which is why it might look odd if you click on it. Really this is quite impressive)
  5. The Jobbing Doctor – “a GP working in a large industrialised conurbation outside of London”
  6. One GP’s Protest – another GP blog. This one has published some particularly informative coverage of boundary changes and other issues.
  7. ccginformation.com – a site run “by those working in CCGs … who are committed to making CCGs successful”
  8. Health Management and Policy Alert– “The King’s Fund Information & Library Service, this current awareness service brings together the latest policy, guidance, research and reports related to health management and commissioning”
  9. Dilys Jones Associates – a consultancy that has an interest in clinical commissioning.
  10. GP Online News – general news for GPs
  11. The Guardian Society: GPs – The Guardian’s publishing system makes it easy to subscribe to feeds of specific types of story
  12. Pulse – Pulse, on the other hand, doesn’t offer specific feeds (that I can find, anyway), but is an essential read on the health sector and commissioning
  13. Telegraph Health News – The Telegraph have some very good health reporting, but only a general feed
  14. Practice Business News feed – another site focused on the business side of health
  15. Health Service Journal News – again, this covers the health service in general, but includes commissioning news
  16. Herts Valleys CCG – Most CCGs have websites, and many have RSS feeds. This is just one – we’ll be trying to compile a fuller list at some point.
  17. Local Government Chronicle – with local authorities taking on a bigger role in health spending, and working with CCGs, this site sometimes touches on CCG-related issues
  18. CCG in Parliament – any mentions of “CCG” as picked up by TheyWorkForYou, which records the proceedings of Parliament and other assemblies. Particularly useful for written questions and answers.
  19. CCG FOIs – likewise, this feed delivers updates on any Freedom of Information requests which mention “CCG”
  20. Google Alerts – “clinical commissioning” – any mention of the phrase online, as picked up by Google. No link here, but you can create your own by going to google.com/alerts and filling in the boxes to your preferences – then selecting ‘Feed’ at the end.

Have we missed any?

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  3. One to watch, if a little sparse at the moment is the website of NHS Clinical Commissioners (NHSCC) the new membership offering for Clinical Commissioning Groups.
    NHS Clinical Commissioners (NHSCC) is being set up by a coalition of the NHS Alliance and the National Association of Primary Care in partnership with the NHS Confederation.

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