Volunteers needed! scrutinising CCGs

CCG structure image from BBC

This year a collection of new groups will be given responsibility for £60bn of public health spending in England: Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs).

With over 200 of these groups and very few health journalists in the UK there’s an opportunity for student journalists and concerned citizens to play a key role in understanding what CCGs do – and scrutinising their activities.

There are a number of potential avenues to explore, from concerns about potential conflicts of interest in the new arrangements, to issues of accountability, whistleblowing, and efficiency.

In partnership with a number of news organisations and universities, we’re building a network of journalists, students and citizens to start pulling together information, exchanging tips and leads, and pursuing questions in the public interest.

If you want to get involved, contact me on paul@helpmeinvestigate.com or add your name via the form here.

*image from the BBC

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  4. Re Seisdon&South East Staffordshire CCG
    Accountable Officer: Rita Symons
    Chair Governing body: Dr John James
    Certainly had a meeting 20/10/2012
    as minutes have been published.
    Meeting was scheduled 14/11/2012
    Seem to hold meetings pm at Merlin House, Tamworth monthly??
    Can’t as yet find where board papers are published.

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