Scrutinising the new health system? Health and wellbeing boards

There’s a quick guide to health and wellbeing boards on the Department of Health website, explaining how they are intended to guide spending decisions under the new health system, where clinical commissioning groups control £60bn of spending. Some highlights for those interested in the scrutiny role:

“Boards will strengthen democratic legitimacy by involving democratically elected representatives and patient representatives in commissioning decisions alongside commissioners across health and social care. The boards will also provide a forum for challenge, discussion, and the involvement of local people.”

The board’s membership includes at least:

  • one local elected representative
  • a representative of local Healthwatch organisation
  • a representative of each local clinical commissioning group
  • the local authority director for adult social services
  • the local authority director for children’s services
  • the director of public health for the local authority

The boards are currently operating in ‘shadow’ form, but will take on their statutory functions from April 2013, at the same time as clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) take over.

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