Birmingham City Council website investigation: report released

Birmingham City Council have published a report into the content management system that was investigated by Help Me Investigate users last year and generated a number of news reports.

The report suggests that the website could have come in at least ?900,000 more expensive than the ?2.8m it eventually cost – but suggests that the ?2.8m figure included "many other major items which were involved in the project apart from the website and it is important that this continues to be communicated to the citizens of Birmingham"

However, the report also notes that, for all the money spent "?It is widely believed by BCC personnel that the new Content Management System (CMS) ? which empowers individuals to upload content to the website and intranet ? requires further work before it can be said to function effectively?"

We've also posted copies of the report on Scribd, where they can be annotated and commented on.

The investigation can be seen here, where you can also request an invite

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